Women's Wild Yam

Size: 2 oz. / 57 g. tube of cream of Standardized Wild Yam.

Use: Apply 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon to soft skin regions such as neck, breast, buttocks, inner thighs, inner arms, etc., rotation to different areas for each application. Use one or two times daily.

Wild Yam is a botanical skin product containing the plant, Wild Yam (dioscorea), discovered by Dr. Russell Marker in 1943. Wild Yams contain diosgenin and saponin, important precursors in the synthesis of natural progesterone. Wild Yam is a unique moisturizing skin cream, that absorbs quickly into the skin. The body uses only what it needs.

The new formulation of the Natural Women's Wild Yam includes 50mg per ounce (100mg per jar) of natural occurring progesterone. The Wild Yam Extract (a 3% concentration) is from a highly concentrated source that has been standardized with the pigment removed. The supplier of the Wild Yam Extract provides a certificate of analysis certifying that the components of each batch of Wild Yam includes a diosgenin level of 6%.

The Wild Yam source used by Natural is organic. The Wild Yam Product meets FDA regulations by containing safe ingredients and complying with applicable labeling requirements.

Women's Wild Yam contains USP progesterone. USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia which is a testing standard for the manufacturing of drugs and other individual ingredients. The testing process is expensive and the results must be in compliance with the monograph listed in the published text.

Benefits: Experience the benefits of a unique moisturizing skin cream. A feeling of euphoria, well being, happiness and energy may be experienced with this moisturizing skin cream, which stimulates the body's own production and regulation of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and other hormones.

Ingredients: Email Me For Information

Indications: Cramps, Migraines, Bloat, Hot flashes, Lack of energy, Mood swings, Insomnia, Night sweats, Weight gain, Anti-wrinkle, Depression.

Wild Yam absorbs quickly and is efficiently transported directly to receptive sites where it is needed, bypassing the liver. The body uses only what it needs to restore balance. Leading medical researchers have discovered that wild yam may have important health benefits associated with misery and discomfort of PMS, and Menopause.

Progesterone is not needed during menstruation week. Gradually cut back and adjust the cream once symptoms begin to diminish, to meet the individual needs. Adjustments can be made for each individual use.

Women's cycles are different. Hormones change all through the month. Estrogen is predominate while progesterone is low; ovulation occurs and estrogen peaks, progesterone rises above estrogen, both hormones drop and menses begins. It may take two or three cycles to see results.

FOR MEN: Prostate cancer or lower testosterone levels. This may be prevented or treated with the use of natural progesterone. (Dr. Betty Kamen's book "Hormone Replacement Therapy")

SIDE EFFECTS: There are no reports of any significant side effects or health problems associated with natural progesterone. If you do not wish to increase bust size, do not apply directly to bust area. There have been reports of temporary incidental spotting. This stops after three months. Any persistent problems you should always be checked by a physician.

Please consult with a professional health care practitioner for medical conditions. This contains educational information only, no intentional medical claims. Research reference materials are available from libraries and knowledgeable sources.

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