Experiences With Wild Yam Cream

Vera, California. After using the yam cream, the first thing she noticed was “extra peppy energy.” Next was the decrease In the abdominal “protruding pouch”—she was amazed as she had been working on her abs for 6 months at the gym with hub results. Next she noticed her arm size decreasing—generally her skin has become more resilient, more elastic and appears more youthful. She also Is very excited about an itchy patch on her breast she has had for 15 years. She has used every type of anti- itch and cortisone creams with no relief. She said this spot has nearly driven her crazy. After applying the yam cream on this spot, the scaly patch Is almost gone and the itch is also. Along with the energy increase, and itch and inch loss, she’ll never stop using the cream.

Jan, California. Flit menopause and weight gain that goes along with it with the apple shape figure (wt. gain in neck and torso area). Started rubbing the cream on her neck and face as well as abdominal area. Within two days, two people asked her Immediately if she lost weight (which she hasn’t yet)—but obviously her face and neck have lost some of the puffy look. She also got pink eye and tried various things with no results. Finally she thought to use the yam cream on the offending eye lid—and almost immediately, the pinkness and swelling went down about 80%, along with the itching. The pink eye symptoms disappeared within 24 hours.

Bess, Oregon. Used the cream for several months. Was a little bit skeptical at first — didn’t know anything could have such a magnificent effect on her. She has no more mood swings, no more bloating or cramping, no more extreme estrogen-dominate headaches she’s had since she’s been about 13-14 yrs old. The sun spots and aging spots on the back of her hands are completely gone. All friends and family love the cream.

Liz, Oregon. Arrived at a party and was scheduled to do a dance performance but was in extreme pain and bloating all over body—so much pain that she had vomited and was doubled over, and couldn’t move. The doctor had told her earlier that the only thing for her relief was either a hysterectomy or narcotics. She was introduced to the cream there at the party—2O minutes later after applying the cream, she was up and able to perform beautifully within an hour. She has decided against the operation as she doesn’t need it anymore.

Rosa, Texas. The longer she is on the Yam Cream, the better she feels. She no longer suffers from migraine headaches, her thyroid problem has improved, and her insomnia is now gone. She was diagnosed with crippling arthritis 15 years ago— now her hip no longer hurts, and fingers in right hand are not as stiff, and she is able to use her right thumb now. She is also now more calm and not as nervous as she used to be.

Fran, California. She is 60 years old. When she first starting using yam cream, the first thing she noticed was her shoes became loose, and her ankles became slimmer (she said she had real fat ankles for many years). She used to suffer from bad night sweats and lack of sleep—that problem is at least 50% belier now. Deb, Missouri. Suffered for 20 years with agony during menstrual cycle and ovulation. She said she was basically a non-functioning person for ten of those 20 years where she had severe depression and lacked energy, and had awful mood swings. She was told there was nothing wrong with her—that it was all in her head, was sent home and told to “deal with it.” She started using the yam cream and started getting results immediately. Her disposition was greatly uplifted, along with increased energy, and no pain whatsoever anytime during the month.

Pat, New York. Prior to the cream, she had bouts with depression, but not since using the cream. She is very very grateful for the cream!

Carol, Washington. Since she has been using the cream, she is not obsessing over the little things—she’s a lot calmer now. She used to have headaches six nights out of seven and had to take a lot of medication for the pain. Since she has been using the cream, she has not had one headache. If she feels like a PMS headache is about to come on, she rubs a little of the cream on her forehead, and she has not had to take any form of pain medication at all.

Marilyn, California. She was on a synthetic hormone with no favorable results. She was able to get off the synthetic, and got belier results on the yam cream. Then all of a sudden she realized that the unwanted hair on her face and chin left. That really excited her. Her husband put the cream on a red and itchy spot on his back that he had not been able to get relief from before. The cream completely cleared up the itch and redness.

Steve, California. in 1988, he passed a kidney stone and was told by his doctor at that time not to be surprised if he would now get prostate problems because he was at “that age.” Five years later, his urine flow became restricted, and he had to get up quite often. After discovering the cream and applying it, he now can sleep 9 hours without having to get up. Elimination is now easy.

Lorna, Oregon. She has been using the wild yam cream for five months. Her results have been slower than most, but steady, and very very dramatic. Her biggest change has been a general change of a sense of well being and happiness even though she is going through a period of heavy stress in her life now. Even so, she has a sense of calmness, with the ability to think clearly, and be able to make “good and clear” major decisions. She is also sleeping very well.

Jo, Texas. She has had a problem with Fibrocystic Breast Disease since she was 20 years old. She is now 52 years old, and had much pain and treatment since that time. After three weeks’ time of using the yam cream, she has no more pain, no more lumps, and all the cysts are gone.

Gunny, Texas. Had a complete hysterectomy 24 years ago. She was not allowed to go on hormones as her sister had cancer. Ginny has suffered with hot flashes for that 24 years. She was told about the yam cream—she immediately bought 2 jars and after two months she is on her fifth jar; and she has no hot flashes unless she forgets to use the cream.

Liddy, Texas. She has been on hormones for five years, but uncomfortable with the fact because of breast cancer history in her family. As soon as she found out about the yam cream, she got very excited to use it as an alternative. Her mood swings are gone now!

Sam. Has been on the yam cream now for two months and for those two months has not suffered from, nor needed the pain killers for the migraines she’s endured for over 25 years.

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