The Oxygen Exerciser stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which opens the bronchioles of the lungs. Increased exchange of oxygen between the lungs and the blood stream oxygenates cells. This results in increased cellular metabolism and systemic oxygenation.

When using the machine, the body is in a relaxed, reclining position with weight removed from the spine. In this position, as the mcichine gently undulates and moves the body, certain conditions of misalignment and complications in the vertebrae joints may be corrected or eliminated.

The Oxygen Exerciser stimulates globulin production, which increases the body's immune defense system.

Blood is normally produced in the spleen and spinal bone marrow: however, when the spleen is compromised, blood production is reduced and a form of anemia may result. The machine's action on the spine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, increasing spinal bone marrow blood production, oxygenation and healing.

When the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems are not balanced, insomnia, digestive problems, palpitations, anxiety, constipation, neurasthenia, aches and pains, mental stress, and numerous other ailments may surface. The Oxygen Exerciser helps restore balance to the sympathetic nervous system and body function.

Western medical science is incorporating ancient Eastern traditions, such as acupuncture, into its practice. These Eastern traditions focus on healing through increasing energy flow to organ systems. The Chinese refer to this energy as 'Chi'. The Oxygen Exerciser aids in unblocking energy pathways.


The Oxygen Exerciser provides a workout for the whole body.

Your workout is done lying down. The machine can be used any time or place.

No pressure or tension is applied to any part of your body. You are fully supported. Heart rate and blood pressure do not increase.

Provides a convenient way for busy people to cultivate a vital exercise habit. You receive the equivalent oxygen benefit of 1.5 hours of walking in only 15 minutes.

Lightweight, mobile unit for ease of transport.

Spinal Influence On Health

Within the brain and extending through the core of the spinal column, is the central nervous system and branching out from the nerve network that reaches every part of the body and provides all body functioning not under conscious control, (breathing, digestion, heart rate etc.). This extended "nerve" network is termed the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM and it further divides into the SYMPATHETIC and PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEMS which provide vital balance to the body's "nerve" functioning. Any impairment to the spinal alignment or abnormal spinal pressure on vertebrae joints can impair the autonomic nervous system resulting in minor and major body dysfunction, cisoraer and disease. The spinal column bone marrow is also a source of blood production and immune system globulin upon which middle aged adults are more dependent, following depletion of globulin production from the "aged" and shrinking thymus gland.

Utilization Of Full Spinal Movement

The spines design permits sideways "snakelike" movement that serves to relieve vertebrae joint pressure and thereby promote greater "well being". Modern man fails to exercise this design feature, part of the reason being that stress of mind creates body tension and rigidity. Spinal movement has been reduced to a forward and upright torso momentum, is restrained by body tensions. When we awaken or feel tired, we raise our arms, stretch and yawn, and in the process, flex the spinal column in a twisting snakelike movement. Instantly we feel a pleasurable sensation of energy movement and alertness of mind. The reason being that in yawning, the lungs fill with air and greater oxygenation of cells occurs, pressure on the intervertebral discs momentarily releases and the autonomic nervous system is stimulated. (Do a "yawning " stretch now to verify the value of such oxygenation and spinal twist).

Lymph Fluids Influence On Health

Lymph fluid in the body exceed the quantity of blood and one of its functions is to cleanse the body's waste. Lymph fluid has no "pump" action to move it around the body, but its cleansing of waste-toxic matter is activated through physical activity. The Chi Machine effectively moves the body's fluids and aids the Lymphatic system, especially in those who are physically challenged or do not get sufficient exercise. Such cleansing may cause bad breath and also thirst. Water cleanses and aides in lymph cleansing, so drink plenty of "good" water to hasten the cleansing and remove any breath problem.

Oxygenating The Body

Within the body, 75 trillion cells provide the energy needed to carry out every brain function, body movement, organ function, and other needs of all body systems. Each cell has only two needs to produce this energy, nutriment from food intake and OXYGEN.

Oxygen "Starvation" of cells can result in immune dysfunction, cardiac symptoms, sleep and respiratory disorders, blood chemistry disturbance, intestinal problems, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, stiff neck, shortness of breath, dizziness, to name but a few health problems.

Dr. Shizuo Inoue, Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association, has spent decades researching the relationship between oxygen levels in the body and the quality of human health. "My research has convinced me that lack of oxygen is the root of most or perhaps even all disease". --Dr. Inoue

The Chi Machine's ability to oxygenate, tone and strengthen the body increases the feelings of aliveness well-being - that is, raises the chi or life force - in the bodies of those who use the machine on a daily basis.(Chi is the Chinese word which refers to the life force or life energy.)

Oxygenating the Body

Oxygen and Cells

Seventy-five trillion cells provide the body with energy to carry out brain, body and organ function, as well as movement. Cells starved for oxygen can create immune system dysfunction, cardiac symptoms, sleep and respiratory disorders, blood chemistry disturbances, intestinal problems, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and many other imbalances.

The Oxygen Exerciser or Chi Machine maximizes oxygenation of body cells, which support deep healing. Normal vigorous exercise provides health benefits, but may also use up vital oxygen and compress intervertebral disks. Fatigue or physical stress may result. The Oxygen Exerciser supports health without energy loss, body stress, or effort.

Because exercise with the Oxygen Exerciser is done while reclining and relaxed, with weight removed from the spine, a sense of well being and pleasure is immediate and noticeable.

Cleansing Reactions

A few people may feel tired or sore in parts of their body after the Chi Machine "massage." This occurs as healthy circulation is being restored. If soreness occurs, reduce session time to 2-3 minutes and gradually return to 15-minute massages when soreness stops.

Dizziness may accompany initial massage sessions. Reduce the session time by half and elevate the head with a small, thin pillow. Remove the pillow during later sessions to receive full benefit. Seek medical advice if dizziness persists and discontinue use until a medical evaluation is obtained. Dizziness could suggest an inner ear or anemia problem, or high blood pressure. Nausea can indicate low blood pressure or Meniere's disease.

The Oxygen Exerciser reduces lymph stagnation and enhances removal of waste from the body. Such cleansing may cause temporary bad breath and thirst. Drink plenty of room temperature water after each session and between meals to hasten the cleansing process.

The Spine's Influence on Health

The central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord. Branching out from the central nervous system is a network of nerves. These nerves regulate internal body processes that require no conscious awareness (e.g., heart contractions, the rate of breathing, digestion, etc.). This extended nerve network is called the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is further divided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic. They provide vital balance to the body's nerve function. Any impairment to spinal alignment or abnormal spinal pressure on vertebral joints can impair the autonomic nervous system resulting in minor or major dysfunction or imbalance.

Utilization of Full Spinal Movement

Human spinal design permits lateral twisting, snake-like movement that serves to relieve vertebrae joint pressure and promotes a sense of well being. Adults rarely utilize this design feature. Consequently, there is accumulated stress and tension in the body. Watch a baby stretch and twist in its crib. This is a natural human movement that relaxes and creates energy.

When we observe animals or sea creatures we notice the serpentine movement in their walking, running or swimming motion. This helps maintain health.

An Exercise...

When you just awaken or when you feel tired, raise your arms, stretch and yawn. In the process, flex the spinal column in a twisting, serpentine motion. This will increase alertness and energy by filling the lungs with air that causes greater oxygenation of the cells. Pressure on the intervertebral disks momentarily lessens and the autonomic nervous system is stimulated.


The Chi Machine Helps Balance and Strengthen the Spine Problems Associated with Spinal & Autonomic Nervous System

Cervical Vertebrae
Migraine, insomnia, dizziness, amnesia, numbness in facial nerves, ear inflammation, ringing in the ears, high blood pressure, pustulence, tonsillitis, cataracts, myopia, sore throat

Thoracic Vertebrae
Swelling thyroid, hardened neck muscles, stiff neck, pain in upper body nerves, numbness, lack of strength, tracheal inflammation, asthma, heart disease, liver disease, diseased stomach function, diabetes, allergies, inflamed kidneys, arthritis, rheumatism, hardening of the arteries, stone formaton, apoplexy, decrease in immune system function

Lumbar Vertebrae
Constipation, dysentery, hemia, varicose veins, period pains, sciatica, painful knees, difficul in urinating, too-frequent urination, weak legs, painf soles of feet, urinaemia

Different leg lengths, bladder inflammation, tilted womb, inflammation of the caecum, hemorrhoids, difficulties in getting pregnant

Painful tailbone

by David L. Morris, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic
Coarsegold, CA

The pictures of my aura on the adjoining page were obtained at the request of our dynamic President- level distributor, Peter Armstrong. When he received some information from a company called Inneractive that produces aura video systems, Peter wondered what impact The CM Machine would have on a person's arm. Since I was going to Southern California on a business trip in a couple of weeks, I was the logical choice for the experiment.

Before we discuss what the pictures reveal, I would like to discuss the structure and functioning of an electromagnetic field. In 1925 George Crile, MD, of London, presented the bipolar theory of life. In the 1940's a doctor, Harold S. Burr at Yale University, and a Russian researcher, Semyon Kirlian were able to prove that a subtle energy field surrounds all living organisms. Over the years, scientific researchers have proven a direct current system exists in the body. Throughthe meridians and nerves, electrical energy is distributed to all connective part of the body. Today, we know that this low subtle current that is used for cell communications can also cause significant changes in the body. This subtler plane was given many different names in the past: radionic, ether, bioplasma, chi orgone, scalar waves, and biofield.

An aura is created by different energy systems existing in the body, which contribute to the formation of this electromagnetic field. In addition to nerves and blood circulation there are many subtle energy pathways that exist in the body. Chinese medicine describes 72,000 main paths, which include the acupuncture meridians, the circulating blood, the spine and the nerves.

The brain is the North Pole and the end of the spine is the South Pole of the human energy field. The main axis is the spine, around which the electromagnetic field forms. Because the energy pathways run parallel to each other, they induce and reinforce each other. The energy currents must be in phase and in harmony for this process of induction and reinforcement to be maintained. A person balanced in body, mind and soul has a larger magnetic field.

The homeostasis of the body is the primary function ofthe spine. Along this axis you will find a majority of the nerve points for the organs as well as the subtle power centers, chakras which can be seen in the pictures as points of light along the spine. On the human physical plane, the chakras manifest themselves through the endocrine glands, which regulate all physical and emotional functions. The following shows the location of the chakrus and corresponding glands.

  Location        Corresponding Gland
1.Base of spine	  Sex glands
2.Lumbar region	  Adrenals
3.Solar Plexus    Pancreas
4.Heart	          Thymus
5.Throat          Thyroid
6.Brow	          Pituitary
7.Cerebrum	  Pineal

These aura pictures were obtained with the use of biofeedback sensor technology to pick up and measure certain bioperimeters of the body. The BioSensors are connected to the hand and led back in real-time data to the computer which analysis and correlates the infoffnatior.

The first picture was taken before l used The Chi Machine. The subsequent pictures were taken while I was using the Chi Machine continuiously for 20 minutes at intervals of 10, 15, and 20 minutes.

To demonstrate the changes in the chakras, we will use number 1, 4, and 7. The number 1 chakra shows a deepening of the color red, which is an indication of increasing energy and vitality. Number 4 chakra changes from dark blue to radiant; bluish white showing increased energy buildup. Number 7 chakra changes from pink to yellow, denoting an increased activity in creativity and optimism.

The aura in the first picture (taken before usmg The Chi Machine) is predominately green. This indicates contentment and hannony. In the second picture (taken 10 minutes after starting on the machine), the aura has become a combination of yellow (creativity/optimism) and greens (contentment/harmony.). The third picture shows an aura predominately yellow (creativity/optimism) with a tinge of orange/red (idealism). In the fourth picture, for the first time the aura shows blue (peacefulness/compassionate) with red (stamina/energy/vitality) and yellow (creativity/optimism).

These pictures were taken using the Inneractive Aura Video technology based on Biofeedback, Vibrational Healing, and Color Psychology.

The obvious changing of colors indicates that the Chi Machine does have an impact on the various energy systems of the body.

"We can interpret disease as out-of-tune behavior of one or several organs of our body. When a strong, harmonious rhythm influences an energy field that has lost its equilibrium or rhythm, the harmonious influence can reestablish order and balance in the system.

"Recent research and experimentation has also proved that the human vibrational field can be measmed and evidenced in scientific terms. Dr. Valerie Hunt, and other scientists from U. C.L.A have completed a fascinating study on the human energy field and its relationship to neuromuscular and emotional energy..." (Aura Imaging Photography by Johannes Fisslinger)

The Chi Machine with its harmonious rhythm has the potential of helping multitudes of people throughout the world.

If your patients lack energy or have special challenges they need to experience ...
Then consider ...

The Oxygen Exerciser Chi Machine

An Aerobic Exerciser
Simple - Effective - Effortless - Valuable
Great for the whole family
Lie down, relax and experience the benefits!

15 minutes on the Oxygen Exerciser Machine is equal to Walking 4 miles in terms of oxygen benefit.

If your patients are having the following problems

          Anemia          Lack of exercise
          Arthritis       Menstrual pain
          Asthma          Nervousness
          Back pain       Overweight
          Bone spurs      Poor circulation
          Constipation    Poor digestion
          General pain    Tired and sore muscles
          Insomnia        Tracheal inflammation
...Then you should examine this.

Research and Development

Dr. Shizuo Inoue, Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association, combined his 38 years of experience and expertise in oxygenating exercise with that of leading German exercise physiologists to develop this unique, health-generating product. The machine that evolved is based on human physiology and five complementary engineering features: machine height, its speed, degree of side-to-side movement, the angle of movement, and the resulting circular movement of the body.

This scientific product has been patented in many countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and Australia. It received the Silver Eagle Award at the Second Asia-Pacific Direct Selling Congress in 1993 and is registered as a medical appliance by Japan's Medical Affairs Bureau. The FDA regards it an exercise machine.

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Introducing the Oxygen Exerciser

Researchers in Japan discovered years ago that special breathing techniques, coupled with a traditional meditative sitting position, raised the level of oxygen in the blood comparable to aerobic exercise. Based on this discovery, Dr. Shizuo Inoue founded the Oxygen Health Association of Japan. His oxygen-facilitating techniques were taught to thousands of students with tremendous results.

Today, busy people do not have time for tedious breathing and meditative practices. Dr. Inoue's goal, over the years, has been to make the same therapeutic benefits available to busy, working people. Dr. Inoue and other researchers worked to develop a practical, easy-to-carry device that would duplicate the oxygenating and energizing affect based on Dr. Inoue's findings.

At the association aquarium, Dr. Inoue observed goldfish swimming. Even when the fish were not moving forward, they continued a swimming motion. Dr. Inoue asked himself if that perpetual motion was serving a metabolic purpose. Perhaps, he hypothesized, this motion contributes to a fish's amazingly efficient use of oxygen.

Researchers at the Oxygen Health Association determined that Dr. Inoue's hypothesis was correct. The mechanism of fish oxygenation is a combination of rhythmic muscle contractions and stimulation of autonomic nerves along the spinal column. This mechanism still persists in four-legged animals as well as in modern man. It was found that a particular rate of oscillation and a well-defined range of motion must be maintained for optimal oxygenation of the human body.

A Japanese medical patent was granted for these parameters. A small, portable machine (about the size of a typewriter) gradually evolved from this research. Experience has shown that these parameters produce other desirable effects, such as improved circulation, increased lymph flow, balancing of the autonomic nervous system, reduced addictive behaviors and increased fat loss.

In China, health instructor Dr. Wei-Peng Zhao has written and lectured extensively to explain the use of the Oxygen Exerciser. Over 1,000,000 of these machines are in use in China. Mainstream America is now discovering the health benefits of this unique machine.


By George R. Stubblefield, D.C.


Sometimes we wonder whether all this exercise is really worth the effort. On busy days, we are tempted to put the workout on hold. We'll get back to it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or maybe the day after that when things settle down (which they never do). A couple of weeks go by, and now you are either too embarrassed to show up for your exercise class or too tired to start all over again.

The benefits of exercising accrue only to those who make it a lifelong commitment. Sometimes a reminder of the many benefits offered by exercise helps us reconfirm its importance and make it a lifelong priority.

1 . Regular aerobic exercise helps prevent heart disease. It slows the build up of plaque in the arteries of the heart. Active people tend to have larger, cleaner arteries. Aerobic exercise increases the level of the "good" HDL cholesterol in the bloodstream, which helps carry cholesterol out of the arteries, while decreasing the "bad" LDL cholesterol, which is associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Aerobic exercise also helps prevent obstructive blood clots from forming in the arteries.

2. An additional cardiovascular benefit of aerobic exercise is that it helps to normalize blood pressure.

3. Exercise improves the body's ability to regulate blood sugar levels, thus helping to prevent type II diabetes.

4. Weight-bearing exercise, like lifting weights, walking, running, etc., prevents the loss of bone mineral that occurs as we age, which can lead to a condition know as osteoporosis.

5. Physical activity strengthens the joints, muscles and other structures that help hold the body together.

6. Exercise helps control body weight and is essential in any weight loss program. Weight loss is more likely to be maintained if a person continues to exercise.

7. By preventing the loss of metabolically active muscle tissue (lean body mass), exercise helps prevent the drop in metabolic rate that sometimes accompanies weight loss and the gradual decline in our metabolic rate as we age.

8. Exercise helps is maintaining flexibility in the muscles of the legs and lower back, and strength in abdominal and back muscles. This can help prevent the development of back problems that can be debilitating and a major problem as we age.

9. Exercise can slow the loss of stamina, strength, flexibility, bone density, metabolic rate and general enthusiasm for being active that seems to go with getting older.

10. Exercise gives you the ability to maintain an independent lifestyle and increases the likelihood that you'll enjoy your post-retirement years.

11 - Exercise helps your stress resistance, helps you feel more relaxed and even sleep better.

12. Exercise improves your immune system response.

13. Exercise makes life more fun! As fitness improves, activity becomes easier and an active lifestyle also encourages other health-promoting habits, like avoiding tobacco, alcohol and developing better eating habits.

REMEMBER: If we give as much attention to our health as we do our jobs or relationships, the rewards will last our lifetime. Health is a valuable gift and we are the stewards of that gift. Let us protect it with our lives, because it may just depend on us.

The Chi Machine will deliver the best possible lateral "snakelike" movement to the spine with the body in the ideal therapeutic position. When the machine automatically shuts off, you may experience the therapeutic benefit of a sensation the Chinese call Chi which refers to the life force or life energy. This sensation is similar to what athletes call a natural or runners high (an indication of the Chi Machine's genuine value).


The patented precision design of the machine allows it to operate in harmony with the natural body rhythms and optimum body positioning to include a massage of blood vessels.

As your whole body relaxes and you enjoy the rhythmic side to side movement of your spine and the other joints of your body some amazing things start to happen.

Are you interested in better health?

Then YOU Need...


The Sun Harmony Aerobic Exerciser

Worldwide, nearly a million people are using the Chi Machine daily to improve their health and sense of well-being, by increasing their oxygen levels with this remarkable method of passive aerobic exercise. Some of the major benefits of increased oxygen levels are as follows:

* More energy and greater sense of well-being
* Greatly increased ability to relax and let go of stress and tension
* Stronger and more limber spine and joints
* Firming and toning of thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach and breasts
* Sounder and more restful sleep
* Greater ease in getting going in the morning
* Better stamina
* Improved function of the internal organs
* Stronger immune system - few or no colds
* Improved circulation of the blood
* Better skin tone
* Relief from muscle stiffness and pain

In today's busy world, few people enjoy a truly healthy lifestyle. Lack of exercise, emotional stress and largely sedentary activities contribute to chronically low levels of oxygen in our cells. Low oxygen levels leave us feeling tired and depleted. Also, bacteria, viruses, parasites and malignant tumors all thrive in a low oxygen environment.

In addition to helping you increase your levels of oxygen, the Chi Machine can also exercise and tone your body. And, it is simple and fun to use!

Your Cannot Afford To Wait Another Minute


  1. Ankle Supports are deeper and one inch wider.
  2. Self-contained, self lubricating drives rod mechanism for increased longevity of the unit.
  3. Ankle slide plate attached to the motor is metal.
  4. Cover made of the highest quality metal.
  5. Slightly increased oscillation from 140-145 to 145-150, which is within the range of the ideal number of oscillations per minute to product the maximum "chi" effect.
  6. Metal screw bracket inset in plastic cover. Screw won't vibrate out, for more sturdiness.
  7. Nosies checked so as not to exceed 70 sound decibels.
  8. A.C. Motor, better control of steady speed under heavy duty wear and addition load.
  9. Warranty 1 year (Extension of warranty anticipated).
  10. Less clearance between the base and ankle cradle to insure that nothing gets caught between the two.
  11. More clearance under the machine for use on carpeted floors.
  12. There are a number of other smaller improvements which all add up to make a fabulous product even better.

Dear HILUSA Family,

I would like to share a personal experience regarding an issue that I know many of you have to deal with regularly regarding the Chi Machine. Potential customers were asking me about the cheaper copycat machines available. I have seen ads for three different ones so far, but what most people had seen was the one on TV for $98! I asked people in my upline about it and was told several things: One - that they are violating our patents and our lawyers are going after them; two - the machines move too fast and can hurt people; and three -- they are made so cheaply that they don't last. I could believe all of that but I still wanted to know the truth for myself so I ordered one.

It arrived, I unpacked it, and it looked pretty much like our machine although I could see that the connections of the cords and the fastenings of the case were cheaper. I set it up next to the Chi Machine, and turned them both on. It is true that the copycat goes faster than the Chi Machine, but it didn't appear to be a lot faster. The copycat's timer makes an annoying buzz continuously while on, and the unit itself makes a louder grinding kind of sound while operation. Its instructions say not to use it for more than 15 minutes at a time, to let it rest for 30 minutes between uses, and not to use it in any kind of commercial application.

I wanted to be fair so I tried the copycat first for a minute and then switched to the Chi Machine and back and forth again. The copycat hurt my back - I could hardly believe it! I mean just a minute or so on it twice and my low back felt strained and bothered me the rest of the day (more on that later). I wanted to stay on the copycat machine for at least ten minutes but I just couldn't make myself do that. It felt too harsh and jarring to my body. I had another person try the copycat machine and he said that it felt harsher than the Chi Machine. He used it for 10 minutes and while it didn't hurt his back he did notice that he didn't get any of the Chi Rush he gets from using the Chi Machine.

Then I had an engineer friend come over and we opened up both machines. They are both very similar in layout as far as where the motor is and the appearance of the drive mechanism for the footrest. He pointed out a number of things. He said it was typical of a cheap reverse engineered knock-off unit. The motor housing was cheaply made and open; the clearance between the motor and the moving parts was sloppy; and the piece that transfers the power from the motor to the moving shaft is made out of plastic rather than steel as in the Chi Machine. He didn't think it would last very long.

Okay so there I am with a low back that was strained by a very short time on the copycat machine, when I have spent 15-20 minutes at a time on the Chi Machine from my first day and never experienced any problems at all. Well -- that afternoon my HotHouse arrived and I read the literature about it helping with muscle strains, et cetera so I lay under it and guess what - my low back strain suddenly, well within 15 minutes, was almost totally gone. Thank you Hsin Ten.
Randy Mack

Your Cannot Afford To Wait Another Minute

Chi is the Chinese word for "aliveness," "life-force" or "vitality".

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